MIAMI, FLORIDA, U.S. — Following the Nigerian Ministry of Agriculture's recent contract for Blumberg Grain food security and storage systems, Blumberg Grain said on Jan. 8 that it has also been chosen to provide its grain warehousing in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). 

The DRC project includes the installation of the company's Grain Vault product line with integrated security systems.

"This initial DRC order represents another important deployment of Blumberg Grain's food security storage and systems,” said David Blumberg, chief executive officer (CEO) of Blumberg Grain - West Africa. “Throughout Africa, governments emphasize the need to lower post-harvest losses in order to increase farmer incomes and boost agricultural output. That's a key focus of Blumberg Grain's food security systems." 

Philip Blumberg, CEO of Blumberg Capital Partners, said, "We will also be looking into investing in processing plants, cleaning, drying and packaging facilities in the DRC."

Blumberg Grain provides vertically integrated crop and food storage systems and technology.