BRUSSELS, BELGIUM — A European Commission proposal to allow member states to pay up to 50% of farmers’ direct payments for 2013 in advance received unanimous support Sept. 11 from member states in the Management Committee for Direct Payments. This percentage may be increased to up to 80% for specific beef and veal payments.
This regulation will help farmers alleviate the financial difficulties resulting from unfavorable weather conditions, notably a harsh winter and severe rainfall experienced in some regions earlier in the year.
As in previous years, these advance payments can be granted as of Oct. 16, rather than Dec. 1, on condition that member states have verified applications in the usual way.
"Past experience shows that an adjustment like this can be a major boost for a farmer's cash-flow situation, which is needed in some regions after difficult weather conditions earlier in the year," said E.U. Agriculture Commissioner Dacian Ciolo?.