MOSCOW, RUSSIA — APK-Inform Agency announced on Aug. 6 that its analysts July forecast estimates the general production of wheat in Russia in 2013 will reach 52.1 million tonnes, an increase of 38.1% compared with the previous year.

APK analysts said low-scale losses of winter grain crops in the winter-spring period (nearly 6%) led to increasing of the remaining areas of the crop compared with the previous season. At the same time, the general planted areas of wheat totaled 25.1 million hectares, up 1.7% compared with last season, despite a slight decline (down 1%) of the areas under spring grains.

According to the experts, in the terms of expansion of the planted areas, the wheat yield will also rise to 2.22 tonnes per hectare, against 1.77 tonnes per hectare in the previous season.

APK noted that the current results of the harvesting campaign show increasing of the wheat yield by 29% compared with last year. However, the developing unfavorable weather conditions in the major grain-producing regions and results of the harvesting campaign in the Siberian Federal District, can make significant adjustments to the forecast of grain harvests, analysts said.