ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA, U.S. — Renewable Energy Group (REG) recently completed $21 million in technology upgrades at its 30-million-gallon biodiesel refinery in southern Minnesota. The on-time, on-budget upgrades allow REG Albert Lea to run a wide variety of locally-sourced agricultural byproducts such as animal fats, used cooking oils, inedible corn oils and yellow grease as well as vegetable oils. 

Within days of start-up, all biodiesel produced met the company’s REG-9000 quality specifications, which exceed the industry’s ASTM B100 standard. The multiple feedstock product has been available since June 19 and enhances biodiesel product availability options as the State of Minnesota prepares to increase its diesel blending requirement from B5 to B10. 

REG will celebrate the project with an official ribbon cutting ceremony later this summer.