WEST PERTH, AUSTRALIA — CBH Grain released on Sept. 10 the estimated pool returns (EPRs) for its 2010-11 harvest pools for Western Australian growers.

CBH Grain’s Head of Accumulation Grant Thompson said releasing EPRs in the lead up to harvest provides growers with price direction as they head into the season.

"There are a number of variables that affect the pool return throughout the selling season," Thompson said. "However, CBH Grain is committed to posting realistic and competitive pool estimates and our figures are a genuine reflection of the market.

"A considerable amount of work goes into ensuring we provide growers with an estimate that is as accurate as possible — an estimate which we genuinely believe we can deliver on if all things remain equal."

Thompson said Australian growers are currently seeing price benefits, particularly for wheat, as other international grain producing regions face pressure.

"Factors contributing to the tightening global wheat stocks include Russia experiencing the most severe drought in a century and Canada’s wet spring which led to poor sowings and yield prospects in the region," he said. "We anticipate continued strong support for our No.1 harvest pools this season, with pools well positioned to take advantage of the favorable market conditions.

"Our specialist team of grain trading and marketing professionals are focused on surveying the market and working with customers to ensure growers receive maximum value for their grain."

Growers wishing to secure their spot in CBH Grain’s No.1 harvest pools can take out a guaranteed access contract, simply by contacting their local CBH Grain regional manager or phoning the Grower Service Centre on 1.800.199.083.