SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA, U.S. — Two POET biorefineries in Ohio, U.S., are installing liquefied carbon dioxide facilities on site, the company announced on July 25.
POET Biorefining - Marion and POET Biorefining - Fostoria will be operating in the Greater Ohio Valley liquid carbon dioxide marketplace. The plants will be able to serve the traditional food freezing and beverage carbonation markets as well as secure new carbon dioxide customers.
“One of our priorities at POET is to get the most value from the corn kernel,” POET Biorefining - Marion General Manager Cliff Brannon said. “We don’t just produce biofuel here. We produce Dakota Gold high-protein animal feed, Voila corn oil and more. We’re excited to add carbon dioxide to that list.”
With the latest two plants coming online this year, nine POET plants will be producing liquefied carbon dioxide.