FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA, U.S. — Karolyn Zurn, a producer from Callaway, Minnesota, U.S., is the new chair of the Northern Crops Council (NCC).  She was elected at the council’s reorganizational meeting on June 25.  

The NCC is the governing board of the Northern Crops Institute (NCI), Fargo, North Dakota, U.S.
Zurn represents the Minnesota Soybean Growers Association.  Her first term on the NCC began in 2009.

Keith Peltier, president and chief executive officer of Proseed, Harvey, North Dakota, U.S., was elected vice-chair of the NCC.  He represents processors and marketers of food and feed products. He also serves on the board of directors of the Northern Canola Growers Association.  He began his first term on the NCC in 2012.

Four new members joined the Northern Crops Council. Beau Anderson, a producer from Williston, North Dakota, U.S., represents the Northern Pulse Growers Association. Roger Hipwell, President and COO of MGI Grain Processing LLC, Golden Valley, Minnesota, U.S., represents processors and marketers of food and feed products. Greg Kessel, a producer from Belfield, North Dakota, U.S., serves in the North Dakota Barley Council’s permanent seat, while Greg Svenningsen, a producer from Valley City, North Dakota, U.S., serves in the North Dakota Wheat Commission’s permanent seat.

The 17-member Northern Crops Council is composed of six seats that are permanently occupied by the NDSU President, North Dakota Commissioner of Agriculture, and representatives of the North Dakota Wheat Commission, North Dakota Oilseed Council, North Dakota Barley Council, and North Dakota Soybean Council.  The additional eleven seats are filled by producers and food processors from Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota, who gain seats on the Council through election by the permanent members.

Jennifer Tesch is the new chair of NCI’s Industry Advisory Board (IAB).  She was elected at the IAB’s annual meeting on June 24. Tesch is the Marketing Director at SK Food International, Fargo, North Dakota, U.S.

The Industry Advisory Board advises NCI staff on trends in the food and feed industries and presents ideas to guide educational programming and technical services.  The board draws its members from the agricultural supply and processing industry and the grain trade in Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and the region.