BRUSSELS, BELGIUM — The XXVI FEFAC Congress, planned June 5-8 in Krakow, Poland, will focus on “Staying Profitable in Volatile Times.”

Key note speakers from the European Commission, including Deputy Director General Jerzy Bogdan Plewa, the Polish Ministry of Agriculture, global financial institutions, market & food chain partners and academia will present their views on how to maintain a vibrant livestock economy in a volatile market and political environment. 

They will discuss with the Congress audience how the industry can meet both European and global consumer demand while ensuring the economic viability of livestock producers and value chain partners.

FEFAC’s Congress will provide a unique opportunity to take stock of the key measures that could help improve competitiveness of the E.U. livestock sector, including new initiatives for innovation and sustainable development in livestock agriculture, organizers said.

FEFAC President Patrick Vanden Avenne said that “the only certainty we have today is that volatility is here to stay — our industry needs to support and encourage swift policy and market actions to develop the new financial risk management tools that allow our sector to stay profitable in the years ahead reaping the benefit from growing global consumer demand for products of animal origin.”

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