LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY, U.S. — The Grain Elevator and Processing Society’s (GEAPS) Associates Board of directors ratified the results of the Associates Board election during their meeting on Feb. 25, at GEAPS Exchange 2013 in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.  
The following five associate members were named as 2013-16 Associates Board directors:
• Rick Fifer, 4B Components Ltd, Cornbelt Chapter 
• Cheryl Lansink, Comco, Siouxland 
• Robert Paige, Hazmasters, Canadian Prairies 
• Daryl Watts, RCI Safety, North Iowa 
• Ed Zdrojewski, Grain Journal, Cornbelt 
Jeffrey Roumph, WD Patterson Co Inc, Kansas City, was chosen as Associates Board secretary and is now on the succession path for the 2015-16 Associates Board presidency.  
Also at the meeting, 2012-13 Associates Board Secretary Robert Klare, River Consulting, Gulf South, succeeded to the position of 2013-14 Associates Board vice-president. Completing the 2013-14 roster of Associates Board officers is Scott Chant, Safe-Grain/Maxi-Tronic, Seaway, who as 2012-13 Associates Board vice-president succeeded to the position of 2013-14 Associates Board president.
The Associates board of directors, elected by Associate members, represents their interests in the evolution and advancement of GEAPS' strategic plan. The Associates Board advises the International board of directors about the interests, needs and priorities of Associate members in supporting the development and implementation of programs and services that best serve GEAPS' core purpose: providing forums that promote innovation and facilitate the exchange of ideas and information about grain industry operations safety, health, efficiency and environmental responsibility. 
The Associates Board officers (president, vice-president and secretary) also serve as International Board directors. The Associates Board bylaws define the board structure. 
The Associates Board functions as a "standing committee" within the governance structure as defined by GEAPS' International bylaws.