ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA, U.S. — CHS Inc. announced on Feb. 19 that it has begun full-scale production of PlastiSoy epoxidized soybean oil at its Mankato, Minnesota, U.S., soybean processing facility. PlastiSoy is used by plastic manufacturers as a secondary heat and light stabilizer and co-plasticizer in flexible PVC applications.
“CHS is the only North American producer of epoxidized soybean oil with direct connections to the product’s major feedstock- soybean oil,” said Randy Loula, CHS product manager, Processing. “Our basic market position in soybean oil, combined with risk management programs, means CHS offers customers a distinct value.”
CHS soybean processing plants in the U.S. process and refine more than 100 million bushels or the equivalent of more than 1 billion pounds of soybean oil annually.     
In addition to its refining capacity, CHS originates soybeans globally and markets grain in more than 60 countries. 
“Our scope and expertise means customers can rely on CHS to produce a high quality product to match exacting formulations, backed by reliable supply and pricing based on global commodity market trends,” Loula said. 
Additional PlastiSoy applications include acid scavenging in soy-based inks, agricultural chemicals and insecticides; monomer compatibilizer, pigment dispersion, chemical intermediate and lubricating and cutting oils. PlastiSoy will be marketed to industrial food packaging, medical device and vinyl formulators markets.
“CHS is committed to finding new markets and uses for our owners’ soybean crops, and PlastiSoy further extends our soybean processing capabilities into industrial uses,” Loula said.