WASHINGTON, D.C., U.S. — A total of 93% of the U.S. winter wheat crop was emerged as of Nov. 24, ahead of the 89% five-year average for the date, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) said in its most recent Crop Progress report.

Crop conditions as of Nov. 24 had deteriorated slightly compared with a week ago, the USDA said. In the 18 major states, 62% of the crop was in good-to-excellent condition and 8% was in very poor-to-poor condition, compared with 63% good to excellent and 7% very poor to poor in the previous week.

The 2013 corn harvest was close to complete as of Nov. 24, with 95% of the crop combined in the 18 major states, ahead of the 2008-12 average of 91% for the date, the USDA said. A year ago on the Nov. 24, 100% of the corn crop was harvested.

The sorghum harvest in the 11 major states was 97% complete as of Nov. 24, ahead of the 91% five-year average, the USDA said. The sunflower harvest was 80% complete in the four major states, lagging the 93% five-year average.