BROOKVILLE, OHIO, U.S. — Cargill said on Nov. 13 that its AKEY business is celebrating 50 years of service and leadership in providing customers with nutritional solutions, services, and research-proven feeding programs and products for the livestock, poultry and feed industries. 

AKEY was founded in 1963 by Carl S. Akey.

“The AKEY team is as committed today as our founder was 50 years ago to providing our customers with recommendations and products based on sound science and solid research,” said Cargill’s AKEY President and Managing Director Charles Shininger. “We continue to develop new ways to bring our global resources and expertise to our customer and supplier relationships and work daily to bring customers new and expanded nutrient knowledge.”

Since 2011, AKEY has been part of Cargill’s premix and nutrition business which develops, manufactures and sells customized animal nutrition products and services for customers primarily focused on beef, dairy, ruminants, poultry and swine.

“In addition to the value we bring our customers, we have been a contributor to the local economies and a responsible corporate steward in the communities where we operate for 50 years,” said Shininger. “We have many long-term employees who have been important to serving our customers and critical to the success of our business.”