MIAMI, FLORIDA, U.S. — David Blumberg has been named chief executive for the company’s division in West Africa. He has top managerial responsibility for markets, hubs and operations in Ghana, Nigeria and other West Africa and Sahel markets.

Blumberg has spent the last two years in the region and has working relationships with the governments and staff in Ghana and Nigeria.

He will be joined by other company executives and Blumberg Grain's advisory board of independent members overseeing strategy and serving as the audit committee for all companies and affiliates in Blumberg Grain. 

Blumberg, a native of Miami, Florida, U.S., is a graduate in business with honors from the University of North Carolina where he received one of the university's highest distinctions, the Order of the Golden Fleece. 

Blumberg worked at Deloitte, in their strategy and operations consulting division, before joining Blumberg Grain in 2012.