MANHATTAN, KANSAS, U.S. — The AIB International executive leadership has been restructured and expanded to add three new executive roles: vice-president of baking and food technical services; vice-president of client development and target marketing; and director of client services and business processes. Searches are under way for all three positions, with applications currently being accepted.

Brian Strouts, former head of research and technical services, has been named interim vice-president of the newly formed baking and food technical services division. The baking and food technical services division combines research and technical services, food labeling, and the School of Baking into one division “to provide seamless interaction between the departments and consistent excellence in client service,” AIB International said.

Strouts is a graduate of Kansas State University with a degree in bakery science, and is also an AIB Certified Baker with continuing education in cookie and cracker technology. He has been with AIB since 1991 and has overseen biscuit products, experimental baking, and research and technical services. He has provided consulting services, delivered technical lectures to industry, and authored and co-authored numerous technical publications.

“Brian brings to this role extensive experience in quality assurance, quality control, production supervision, and applied development to help us achieve our future goals,” said Andre Biane, president of AIB International.

“AIB offers so many ways to assist the baking and food industries, from educational programs to value-added technical services,” Strouts said. “I look forward to working with the staff to better serve our customers in ways that promote growth in both their businesses and their people.”

Kirk O’Donnell, former vice-president of the School of Baking, will take on a new role as director of international baking training, reporting to Strouts. O’Donnell will be responsible for developing content experts in international markets to meet AIB International’s growing training and consulting needs. He also will identify and work to secure global physical locations where AIB may be able to offer training and education.

“We are very fortunate to have Kirk — with his international experience and dedication to AIB — to play this vital role in our expansion efforts,” Biane said.

In describing the new position of vice-president of client development and target marketing, AIB International said it will be looking for an individual who will be responsible for cultivating business with existing clients and developing new business with potential clients around the world, covering all products and services offered by AIB International. The position will become effective in January 2014.

The position of director of client services and business processes, meanwhile, will oversee customer support and a call center help desk to serve ongoing client activities and requests. The position also will become effective in January 2014.