ST. JOSEPH, MISSOURI, U.S. — LifeLine Foods, Inc., announced in January that it is the recipient of the Safe Quality Food Program (SQF) certification, a key part of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). LifeLine Foods, based in St. Joseph, Missouri, U.S., is one of the largest corn processors in the Midwest.
The SQF certification, requires a rigorous and validated food safety management system, and signifies to the company’s food processing customers that it complies with key industry-recognized food safety standards. The SQF certification enables LifeLine Foods to receive continual retailer feedback about its products and services.
Consumers are increasingly worried about food safety and food producers demand their processors employ rigorous food safety production and monitoring processes.
“We’ve worked long and hard to attain this certification,” said Robin Venn, LifeLine Foods’ chief executive officer. “Having SQF allows LifeLine Foods to have access to markets previously unavailable to us. There are food producers who insist their suppliers have this certification and now do.”
Venn also said the food processing industry is tremendously competitive and having the SQF certification will separate LifeLine foods from companies who have not earned it.
LifeLine Foods is one of the largest processors of corn meal, corn flour, snack meal, brewer’s grit and flaking grit. The company provides processed corn product to several of the country’s largest food producers.