SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — Grain Trade Australia said on Sept. 3 that during its meeting on Aug. 23, the Conduct Development Committee (CDC) reached agreement on key issues.
“Cooperation across all sectors of the Australian grain industry has been a feature of the activities of the Port Access Code of Conduct Development Committee (CDC),” said the Committee Chairman Tom Keene.
In February 2012, industry formed the CDC to facilitate the development of a port access Code of Conduct. The development of a Code is in line with recommendations of the Productivity Committee, and the government’s response.
The CDC consists of established port owner/operators, Australian Grain Exporters Association (AGEA), Grain Producers Australia (GPA), National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) and Grain Trade Australia (GTA).
 “The common interests of our industry outweigh the points of difference and I am encouraged by the CDC cooperative approach to issues that affect all grain industry participants,” Keene said. 
Keene said a sub-committee of the CDC would meet over the next few weeks to discuss some of the finer details around the voluntary code. 
“The CDC has made good progress in many areas and what is really encouraging is that all parties remain engaged in constructive and good faith discussions on the key issues,” he said. “It is anticipated that further constructive progress will be made over the next two months with the objective for CDC to release a draft for public review later in the year with a final document to be sent to the Minister in early 2013.”