WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA — Protein content data from the 2012 Canada Western Amber Durum harvest from one crop region have just been released, the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) said on Sept. 17.
The data represent amber durum samples sent by producers in Western Canada this fall to the CGC’s Harvest Sample Program.
CGC will release quality data on amber durum wheat from four crop regions in three phases:
1.         Protein content only by crop region and grade, based on individual samples received. Data will be updated weekly.
2.         Key functional parameters by crop region and grade, based on regional composites, when sufficient representative samples from each crop region have been received and composites have been made for analysis.
3.         Comprehensive quality analysis by grade based on final composites of all regions, as provided in previous years.
Quality test results in phase 2 will include test weight, hard vitreous kernel percentages, kernel weight, ash content, falling number and wheat pigment content.
Preliminary data will be updated every Monday as samples are received until the 2012 Harvest Sample Program ends.
It is available at
In previous years, CGC released protein content data for Canada Western Amber Durum wheat in October and data on other quality parameters in November. The early release of quality data supports the new open market for Canadian wheat.
Grain producers participate voluntarily in the program. They submit representative samples of their crops to the commission. CGC composite the samples by crop, class and grade and analyze quality parameters that reflect end-use quality and performance.