MANHATTAN, KANSAS, U.S. —The AIB International School of Baking’s Production Operations/Management seminar has been eliminated and replaced with a new seminar designed to meet the changing demands of the baking industry. 
The new course, The Effective Bakery Production Manager, addresses the most common challenges faced by production managers. The curriculum specifically addresses challenges such as regulatory concerns, production planning, understanding production costs, documentation and data analysis, process improvements and cost reduction, application of resources, and problem solving. In 2013, AIB will offer three production management programs: a one-week course, an online course, and a two-week program.
The new seminar content has been approved by selected industry experts who are or have been successful plant managers. This new course will be offered for the first time on Feb. 4-8, 2013 and will replace the Production Operations/Management seminar in AIB’s certification programs.
The central component of the previous seminar--the G.A.M.E. computer simulation--is being converted into an online course which will be offered in 2013. The simulation allows up to 12 teams to compete against each other for market share, financial solvency, and retained earnings.  With the course offered in an online format, an increased number of students may participate, and teams will be comprised of members who are located around the globe.
AIB’s intensive, four-month Baking Science and Technology (BS&T) course is also affected by the curriculum revisions. The production management section of the BS&T has been moved to the last two weeks of the course where it will serve as a capstone experience. This change will allow participants to apply what they learn in the science, bread and rolls, and sweet goods sections of the BS&T to production management. In May 2013, this two-week section of the course will also be open to non-BS&T students.