CBH Grain announced on Aug. 23 that it made its first bulk shipment of sorghum to China.

The 40,000 tonne cargo set sail from the Mackay port in Central Queensland on July 30 and is currently unloading in China where it will be used for alcohol production.

Sorghum Trader for CBH Grain Scott Haughton said this is a significant milestone for Australian sorghum growers.

"Opportunities such as this provide real value to growers," Haughton said. "It assists with securing future supply agreements with international markets and we're proud to be able to link our growers to their customers."

Haughton said that traditionally sales of Australian sorghum into the Chinese market have been exported in containers.

"The major international market for Australian sorghum is Japan, where it is commonly sold as a combination cargo with APH wheat," he said.

"However, Australian sorghum has excellent appearance and good starch and protein levels, which is why in recent years Australian sorghum has received attention from the Chinese market both for white liquor making and for use as animal feed.

"Although we're looking at lower export tonnage for Australian sorghum this year, in the last few years we've seen exports of up to 1 million tonnes a season to international markets."