MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, U.S. — Cargill released its 2012 Corporate Responsibility Report on Aug. 21. Entitled Our Responsibility in a Changing World, it reports on the four pillars of the company's approach to corporate responsibility: conducting business with integrity; working to feed the world; operating responsible supply chains; and enriching our communities.

"Being a trusted organization is one of the reasons for our success over the past 147 years," said Greg Page, Cargill chairman and chief executive officer. "Our commitment to corporate responsibility is an important component of that trust. Going forward, we will continue to make demonstrable progress against our goal to operate responsibly in all parts of our business, in all the geographies we touch."

The Cargill Corporate Responsibility Report includes the latest information on the company's work to address economic, environmental and social issues in its supply chains. Updates are provided on Cargill's performance against its worker safety and environmental goals. Also included is the latest information on the company's sustainable cocoa program; its work with The Nature Conservancy to protect the Brazilian rainforest; enhancements to its food safety programs; and its efforts to help develop a more sustainable shipping industry, to name a few.

The report also outlines the company's actions to improve food security and how Cargill is acting on its vision to be the global leader in nourishing people to address the complex challenge of feeding a world on its way to 9 billion people. Included are examples of Cargill's work to expand access to food, improve nutrition and alleviate hunger; and increase agricultural productivity and incomes while ensuring responsible land use.

In fiscal 2012, Cargill's charitable giving reached $69.9 million across 57 countries. Funding went to programs that improve nutrition and health, education and environmental stewardship. Cargill volunteers and funding helped construct kitchens in schools in Central America; establish India's first food bank; build 56 schools in Vietnam serving more than 12,000 children; and restore key environmental areas with 8,000 employees participating in Earth Day and World Environment Day events in 350 locations, among many examples.

The Cargill 2012 Annual Report also is available. Titled Essential Work in a Changing World, it focuses on five trends shaping our world. Each trend features a roundtable with diverse Cargill leaders from across the company, who discuss how the company is responding to better serve its customers.