WEST PERTH, AUSTRALIA — The CBH Group said on July 2 it has named eight new members to positions on the Growers Advisory Council (GAC) which helps to facilitate communication between the CBH board and growers at the grass roots level.

The new members include Terry Counsel of Wubin; Andrew Todd of Dowerin; Mark Graham of Narrogin; Lindsay Tuckwell of Kondinin; Dwight Ness of Newdegate; Tim Bock of Jacup; Wayne Walter of Cascades and Andrew Fowler of Esperance.

The successful candidates were selected by a panel consisting of four grower directors, the GAC chairman and the CBH group general manager of Grower Services.

Following a recent review of the structure and function of the GAC, the term of councilors will remain at three years but will be staggered so that approximately 30% of councilors are up for nomination each year.

CBH Group Chairman Neil Wandel said the GAC makes a valuable contribution to the group and the number of nominations this year was particularly pleasing.

"This year we received 23 applications to join the Growers Advisory Council which is a clear indication of the genuine desire and commitment of many growers in Western Australia to see the CBH Group continue to grow and develop for the benefit of our growers," Wandel said.

"I take this opportunity to extend my thanks and recognize the significant contribution of our outgoing Councilors Darrin Lee of Mingenew; Ruth Young of Calingiri; Donna Lynch of Hyden; Rory Graham of Salmon Gums; Mark Roberts of Cascades and Ray Harrington of Darkan.

"I would like to make particular mention of the service of Harrington who completed 21 years between the Grain Pool Producers Council, Grain Pool board member and was the inaugural chairman of the GAC.

"Over the last nine years, the GAC has assisted CBH to continually improve its services and better represent Western Australian growers and the addition of new members will continue to help shape the future of the industry and the co-operative. I warmly welcome the successful candidates."