SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — Australia’s bulk wheat exports reached 14 million tonnes in the first nine months of the marketing year (Oct 1, 2011–June 30, 2012). This is 1.9 million tonnes higher than in the same period last year.

More than one third of total bulk wheat exports (4.8 million tonnes) were from Western Australia. This is 900,000 tonnes higher than in the corresponding period last year, reflecting the record harvest in that state. Victoria also saw an increase in bulk exports of 700,000 tonnes to 2 million tonnes, while exports from SA (4 million tonnes), NSW (2.3 million tonnes) and Queensland (900,000 tonnes) remained relatively steady. Indonesia continued to be the number one destination for Australian bulk wheat, importing 2.4 million tonnes (17.2%). Vietnam was Australia’s second biggest export market, importing 1.5 million tonnes (10.6%). Exports to China increased by more than a million tonnes in the first nine months of this marketing year to 1.4 million tonnes. Following bad weather and disease in its domestic crops, analysts are predicting bulk wheat exports to China could increase even further.