MOOSE JAW, SASKATCHEWAN, CANADA — Agrocorp International Pte Ltd. announced on June 13 the expansion of its Canadian operations, with the creation of Agrocorp Processing Ltd., a high-speed loading and cleaning facility in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Built along a Canadian National Railway (CN) site capable of loading 100 cars, Agrocorp said the facility will ultimately have the capacity to handle 250,000 tonnes of diverse products ranging from specialty crops to canola and wheat, as well as a processing capacity in excess of 100 tph and loading capacity of 400 tph.

“With a realization that grain logistics are the key to success in this business, we have worked closely with CN Rail to identify a site suited to our aggressive program scope,” said Colin Topham, head of Agrocorp’s Canadian operations. “This venture intends to bridge the producer-to-consumer equation in grain handling and vastly improve the marketing of Canadian crops. Our aim is to meet the diverse needs of the modern farmer by bringing crops to market as quickly as possible while maintaining a strong Canadian quality brand.”

Agrocorp noted that it has recruited management and personnel with strong industry experience and connections. The company said it is pleased to welcome Colin Young on board as plant manager. Young brings with him 12 years of experience in grain export management as an owner at R Young Seeds. Agrocorp has also teamed up with McDougall Acres, a Moose Jaw-based seed supply company, to add depth to their knowledge of local processes and industry.

“We are excited to combine McDougall Acres’ 95 years of farming history and 10 years of seed marketing experience in the Moose Jaw community and abroad, with Agrocorp’s more than 30 years of experience in international marketing and finance expertise,” said Vijay Iyengar, founder and managing director of Agrocorp International Pte Ltd. 

Agrocorp noted that construction for the site is already under way and is on schedule to be completed later this year.