DECATUR, ILLINOIS, U.S. — ADM Alliance Nutrition, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM), announced on June 18 the acquisition of certain assets (including physical assets) of Liquid Feed Commodities, a manufacturer of liquid animal feed supplements based in Fremont, Nebraska, U.S. 

Liquid Feed Commodities was a privately owned company which began business in 1970, producing and supplying liquid cattle feed supplements to producers in the Midwest.

This acquisition follows ADM Alliance Nutrition’s entrance into the liquid feed business with the acquisition of certain assets of Cattleman’s Choice Loomix in June 2011.

“As the Loomix business continues to grow and succeed, the acquisition of Liquid Feed Commodities assets complements the expansion by providing ADM Alliance Nutrition with the opportunity to enter the Midwest liquid feed business with another proven, value-added market,” said ADM Alliance Nutrition Vice-President Mike Manning. “It also expands our opportunity to utilize ADM co-products in the heart of where many co-products are sourced.”

 “Within Midwest feedlots, the liquid feed industry is a mature industry. ADM, with its resources, brings forth an opportunity for both better service and lower prices. Within the Midwest cow/calf industry, Loomix has a great opportunity to expand and grow the industry,” said Dr. Mike Prokop, general manager, Liquid Feed Commodities. 

Ken Munsch, director of Liquid Feeds for ADM Alliance Nutrition, expanded on what this acquisition would bring to producers in the markets served by ADM Alliance Nutrition and its liquid feed group, under the Loomix brand.

“It will magnify the capability and diversity of our product line as we continue to reach our goal of being the provider of choice to all facets of the liquid feed business,” Munsch said. “If a cattle producer prefers to use a liquid supplement, we want our product to be the product of choice.”