BRUSSELS, BELGIUM — A project in which hundreds of feed mills across Europe will be photographed over the next five years has begun as a partnership between the European Feed Manufacturer’s Federation (FEFAC) and French photographer Laurent Bellec.

“The aim is to produce the largest photographic collection ever made of architectural images of factories in the European animal feed manufacturing sector,” said Laurent Bellec. “This unique collection of documentary and artistic photographs will consist of an estimated 350 images at the end of the five-year project.”

Laurent Bellec said he would be photographing mills in eight countries during the first year, including Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Austria and France.

Each year, the photographs will be displayed in an international exhibition, the publication of an annual photographic album of approximately 40 pages, the release in a photographic travel journal every two months beginning in November 2012, and on a website dedicated exclusively to the project, available online beginning in January 2013.

To obtain a copy of the sponsorship document and join the project, contact Bellec at +33 6 79 14 20 64 or [email protected].