WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA — The Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) announced on July 23 the launch of an interactive search tool on its web site that offers users a way to target their searches for statistics about licensed grain elevators in Canada. The search tool is available at

"When you use this tool, you can look for any type of grain elevator operating in your province, plus you can research historical changes in grain elevator numbers and capacity. The tool allows you to make selections according to your needs," said Chief Commissioner Elwin Hermanson.

The search tool can be used to:

  • Find the location of any grain elevator and its capacity, starting at 2009. The user can narrow the search to a specific province, company, elevator type and railway.
  • Find the number of elevators and the total elevator capacity in a crop year or a range of crop years, starting at 1962. The user can narrow the search to a specific elevator type.

The search tool is not the only way to find information on the CGC’s website about any licensed grain elevators in Canada. The data in the search tool is compiled and presented, along with additional data, in an annual statistical publication, Grain Elevators in Canada. The publication gives a comprehensive perspective. Posted in PDF format by crop year, the publication can be downloaded and printed.

"Both the search tool and the annual publication are valuable to producers, students, researchers and people interested in the development of the grain industry in Canada or in the history of rural communities. I am pleased that visitors to our web site can choose between two different ways to access this information," said Hermanson.