WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA — The Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) released on March 30 its 2011 quality report for non-food grade soybeans on its web site,

"Based on the samples we analyzed, the 2011 soybean crop was of a good quality. Approximately 90% of the samples were graded as Number 1 or Number 2," said Véronique Barthet, program manager of Oilseeds for the CGC’s Grain Research Laboratory.

Researchers looked at the following quality parameters: oil content, protein content, fatty acid composition and free fatty acid content.

Harvest quality reports are an important tool to market Canadian soybeans to domestic and export customers. When crushed, Canadian soybeans produce oil and a high protein meal.  Soybean oil is used in shortening and margarine products, while the high protein meal is used in feed rations for livestock. It is important for the manufacturer to understand the oil and protein content for production of quality products.