BOSTON, MASACHUSETTS, U.S. — The Grain Foods Foundation (GFF) is set to launch its spring campaign featuring Mia Hamm, a former Olympic soccer star and mother of three.

The campaign, named RISE, is aimed at helping consumers “rise to a variety of occasions from everyday activities to important accomplishments,” said Kristin Patterson, vice-president and account director at Mullen.

Print ads for the campaign first began appearing in the February issue of Fitness magazine, and the ad will continue to run in the publication through the July-August issue.

“We also worked with the executive editor of Fitness magazine to create a series of nutrition education videos,” Patterson said. “Each video emphasizes a different benefit of bread and grain foods, and features GFF scientific advisory board members Dr. Glenn Gaesser and Sylvia Melendez-Klinger.”

The videos may be found at both and and will be shared via social media and blogger outreach.

The April 10 launch of the campaign will feature a satellite media tour during which Hamm will share tips and information for incorporating bread and grain foods throughout the day for energy and good health. A press release will be issued and Mullen will begin outreach to the agency’s national media database, as well as our social media community. Hamm will be available for media interviews throughout the campaign.