ALGIERS, ALGERIA — Algeria’s wheat production estimates are holding steady while barley production expectations are down slightly on weather conditions, according to a report from the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) of the US Department of Agriculture.

Wheat production for 2024-25 is estimated at 3 million tonnes while barley production is forecast at 1.2 million tonnes.

Wheat consumption is expected to increase roughly equivalent to population growth around 1.5%. Algeria is a leading consumer of wheat per capita due to generous subsidies along the value chain for bread, the FAS said.

Barley demand was slightly lowered. Demand primarily is driven by animal feed for sheep, cattle and camels with small amounts for green fodder. Small amounts also are used in human food preparations.

Wheat imports are forecast at 8 million tonnes, down from record estimates of 8.6 million tonnes in 2023-24.

“Imports are generally a function of shortfall in production,” the FAS said.