WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA — Cereals Canada hopes to build a new facility in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, that will be branded the Global Agriculture Technology Exchange (Gate).

With the lease up in 2027 at its current location, Gate will ensure the organization’s long-term viability while inspiring new innovation and allowing it to meet the growing demand for wheat, barley and oats, said Dean Dias, chief executive officer of Cereals Canada.

The C$100 million facility would house Cereals Canada and other grain industry bodies. Cereals Canada is launching a capital campaign to build and equip the facility, targeting contributions from industry groups, agribusinesses and individuals as well as support from the government.

Cereals Canada said Gate will allow it to maintain the expertise needed to support today’s global markets and ensure end-user success without limiting its ability to explore new market trends and technologies of the future.

It continues to engage with members and other stakeholders to find the optimal balance between present needs and future opportunities, Cereals Canada said.

“Cereals Canada works to advance the Canadian cereals industry,” said Brett Halstead, board chair and producer representative. “The board of directors strongly supports Cereals Canada, including the vision for Gate.”

Locating Gate in Winnipeg’s downtown creates opportunities to further strengthen connections between long-standing agriculture and food businesses, and related organizations in the heart of Winnipeg.