LONDON, ENGLAND — UK Flour Millers is releasing videos on its social media channels that highlight the importance of the flour milling industry.

The videos also feature employees who have diverse careers within the sector. UK Flour Millers represents the flour milling industry, collating and sharing the collective view and position of its members.

It also shares information about the importance of flour and flour milling to the public, including through the new video series.

The video series provides an overview of flour milling from what happens when wheat arrives at the mill to the milling process, sustainability to food security, and more.

“These videos will help people better understand modern flour milling and its importance to our nation,” said Alistair Gale, chief executive officer of UK Flour Millers. “They’re valuable because they bring the key aspects into bite sized chunks, ideal for everyone in our time-poor world, be they students, food supply chain players, or politicians — even people already in flour milling can learn more.”

Each video is between two- to five-minutes in length. They are being shared progressively on UK Flour Millers’ LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), and Facebook pages throughout the summer and into the beginning of harvest season.

Viewers can expect a new video to be posted approximately every two weeks or can view all videos at once on UK Flour Millers’ YouTube channel.

“With a variety of topics covered in the video series, viewers can get a sense of how the flour milling industry operates,” said Liliane Baines, communications manager for UK Flour Millers. “They’re also a great way to show how dedicated employees are within the sector. Everyone really cares about what they do, and that shines through in these videos.”

At the heart of this campaign are the employees who work in the flour milling sector — from flour millers to human resources (HR) representatives, engineers to marketeers, haulers to apprentices, and more.