SHANGHAI, CHINA — Drought is expected to drop China’s wheat and corn output, which could lead to increased imports from the nation that hasn’t made major purchases recently due to oversupply and declining consumption, Bloomberg reported, citing BOABC, a China-based agriculture consultancy.  

Wheat production in the marketing year that ends June 2025 is forecast to drop 1.24% to 134 million tonnes while corn is expected to fall 2.26% to 282 million tonnes in the year through October 2025, BOABC said.

High temperatures and less rainfall have caused drought in a major grains production area in northern China and impacted planting of summer grains, according to the agriculture ministry.

Drought conditions could worsen with high temperatures continuing in the next 10 days in major wheat and corn producing areas.

The agriculture ministry has sent delegations to top grain producers to deal with the drought,Bloombergreported.