AMTZELL, GERMANY — FrigorTec is marking more than 60 years of production of Granifrigor grain cooling equipment.

In 1963, Sulzer-Escher Wyss, which produced refrigeration equipment, started selling grain cooling equipment under the Granifrigor name.

Cooled grain does not develop molds and insects, and respiration is minimized. The benefits of conservation cooling quickly gained attention, not just in German-speaking countries, but internationally as well. The company developed into the market leader in the grain cooling sector.

In 2005, FrigorTec took over the product area of refrigeration, including grain cooling equipment.

Specialized grain know-how was obtained through close contact with institutes and universities. The scientific basis was developed in cooperation with the Institut für Landtechnik (Institute for Agriculture Technology) in Bonn, the Düsseldorf University and the Bundesanstalt für Getreide (Federal Grain Research Institute) in Detmold.

In addition, specialized knowledge regarding conservation cooling was further developed in numerous scientific studies and measurements in grain storage facilities. For example, FrigorTec supported an evaluation for the analysis of the counter pressure of bulk grain of the University of Stuttgart-Hohenheim, completed in February 2013, which delivered very interesting results.

Continuous dialogue with storage operators, for example BayWa, feed operations, large and small mills, malt houses, seed companies and the Raiffeisen cooperatives, is an important contribution to the broad, comprehensive Granifrigor product series from FrigorTec.

The series is characterized today by a modular basis with a wide range of possible additions. The ‘modular system’ includes options for remote data transmission, sound insulation, forklift slots, remote sensors and complete rodent protection. For use in tropical climate zones, a special ‘Tropic’ series was developed, as well as a ‘Desert’ type for extremely hot, dry regions. Depending on the requirements, the grain cooling devices are also equipped for different types of electricity.

The wide range of solutions available today was developed, manufactured, tested and marketed by generations of specialists. It is this extensive experience that makes all the difference for the core competency.

All Granifrigor grain cooling devices are made in Germany and are built in the main FrigorTec factory in Amtzell, Germany.