UZWIL, SWITZERLAND — Bühler, in partnership with Premier Tech, introduced the CHRONOS OML-1140 B automatic open-mouth bagging station.

Engineered to accommodate an array of granular and free-flowing products, this fully automatic station enhances productivity by ensuring consistent operation, precise bagging performance, as well as the highest product and operational safety standards.

The system’s advanced bagging precision — with accuracy of ±0.2% at 2 sigma for 25 kg bags — is a direct result of its sophisticated dosing and weighing technologies paired with smart control systems. The station’s robust design for bag management contributes to its impressive estimated production capacity, handling up to 1,200 bags per hour for 25 kg bags, thus ensuring maximum uptime.

Additionally, its hygienic construction and safety measures align with Bühler’s commitment to superior food and human safety protocols. The CHRONOS OML-1140 B completes the OML-B Series.