VILLARTA DE SAN JUAN, SPAIN — Symaga has implemented its new SGA and MES IT systems allowing it to efficiently control and manage inventory of its raw material and finished product warehouse.

With SGA, the company can in real-time carry out its raw material reception process, which also is connected with its ERP system. This allows for immediate use of incoming material and a more efficient storage system.

Inventory is streamlined using DataMatrix codes in order to speed up the whole process. It is capable of managing a large volume of products, quickly and accurately.

In addition, the new SGA systems improve the entire picking and loading operations by optimizing the allocation of packages within the warehouse, promoting efficiency and safety.

MES improves product quality and manufacturing control. Quality control is automated, alerting operators when to perform the necessary checks. All machines can be monitored in real time, recording and reporting all incidents detected by operators, improving production management.

The integration of the MES system facilitates order preparation from the factory, optimizing the creation of packing lists and improving the shipments of orders through terminals with code readers to register them in real-time, reducing human errors.

The Spanish Certification Agency ACEI has awarded Symaga a Certificate in Technological Innovation for the design and development of an overall integral system contributing to the digital transformation to Industry 4.0 during the implementation of the SGA and MES system.

The management of warehouses and production with intelligent digital technology is enabling Symaga to increase efficiency and productivity. This translates into reducing costs and faster and more efficient deliveries of its silos, which fosters competitiveness and the corporate vision to, “Become the largest manufacturer of storage solutions worldwide.”