CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA — OPI added new sales leadership to support its Canadian customer base.

Laura Solberg and Brianne Borchowitz will ensure business strategies are optimized and OPI partners’ experience with products is backed with customer service.  

“Laura and Brianne are the dream team for our Canadian market customers,” said Adam Weiss, chief executive officer of OPI. “Their combined ag knowledge and passion for customer success will help deepen relationships with our key partners, while providing superior in-market support and training as needed.”

Solberg joined OPI as business development manager overseeing activities for the Canadian market. She helped farm in Manitoba and has spent more than 25 years growing global agriculture and oil and gas sector businesses. In her most recent role with Farmers Business Network, she gained valuable experience with growers and technology. Prior to that with Arctic Gateway Group, she helped enhance key Canadian logistics points for more efficient grain shipments. At Cargill, she held multiple development roles and served the board of directors as chairperson with Cargill’s joint ventures.

Solberg received a master’s of business administration degree from the University of Manitoba and has project management professional and Canadian sales professional certifications.

She is customers’ primary point of contact for the region.

“Our leadership and our team are amazing; we are empowered to make decisions with our partners, this is the No. 1 reason why I like working at OPI,” she said. “There is so much passion and persistence that drives me every day. I want every Canadian farmer to succeed with grain storage management. Farmers know rain means grain for better yields, and getting the crop in the bin is the ultimate goal; however, grain bin storage management technology will improve ROI and is a must for every farmer.”

Borchowitz’s passion for agriculture is what drew her to OPI and the role of customer success representative for Canada. She grew up on a farm in rural Alberta and has dedicated much of her professional life to improving customer experience in the ag industry. Her career includes time as customer experience representative with Ag Exchange Group, farm business representative with CWB and sales representative with Viterra.

“I am excited to be in this role because it will allow me to apply multiple skill sets and broaden the OPI team and customers that I get to support on a daily basis,” Borchowitz said. “Growing up in ag has given me the ability to quickly connect with customers and find common ground.”

Weiss believes Canadian customers will see a significant difference with Solberg and Borchowitz serving the country.

“Both of them will directly impact our partners with their knowledge of agribusiness and production and their customer-centric focus,” he said.