LLOYDMINSTER, ALBERTA, CANADA — The ADM Agri-Industries Lloydminster oilseeds processing facility announced on March 13 that it is introducing a Sustainable Grower Program in connection with the sustainability certification it recently earned from the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) system. The Lloydminster facility is ADM Agri-Industries’ first certified sustainable location in North America.

“The European demand for renewable energy is expected to grow significantly by 2020,” said JP Montalvo, manager of ADM Agri-Industries Lloydminster. “With our recent ISCC certification, ADM Agri-Industries Lloydminster is positioned to provide high-value, canola exports from Western Canada to help meet Europe’s need for certified sustainable biodiesel feedstock – a new way to connect growers in Western Canada with expanded global markets.”

To comply with European export market requirements, the entire supply chain must meet the European standard for sustainability. ADM Agri-Industries is offering the Sustainable Grower Program to help growers become certified sustainable and realize the global opportunities for their canola crop.

“We created the Sustainable Grower Program to help make it easier for growers in Western Canada to become certified sustainable and connect to higher-value global markets,” said Montalvo. “Having our entire supply chain meet export requirements is important for the Canadian canola industry to remain competitive with other countries and other oilseeds. By working together, we are all maximizing the value of ‘Made in Canada’ canola.”

Canadian growers who complete ADM Agri-Industries’ Sustainable Grower Program will have the ability to immediately deliver certified seeds to the ADM Agri-Industries Lloydminster facility. The certification status will help maximize the marketing potential and value of their seeds.

ADM Agri-Industries’ Sustainable Grower Program is offered free of charge and includes a kit to help organize all required certification documents.