MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA — Grains Australia, an initiative of the Grains Research & Development Corp. (GRDC), has completed a merger bringing core Pulse Australia operations into the fold.

As part of the merger, Grains Australia will take responsibility for pulse technical functions associated with trade and market access, pulse varietal classification and market insights and education on behalf of the Australian pulse industry. Meanwhile, various permits for chemical use that previously were held by Pulse Australia with the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority will be managed by Grain Producers Australia while pulse trading standards will be managed by Grain Trade Australia.

To ensure a smooth a transition, Grains Australia said it has formed a Pulse Council, one of four Grains Australia commodity councils. The Pulse Council will provide strategic advice to the Grains Australia board on pulse industry related matters, Grains Australia said.

“Pulse Australia has acted as a catalyst for the development of the Australian pulse industry, with Australian pulse growers producing about 4 million tonnes of pulses annually, double that of 10 years ago,” said Georgie Aley, chair of Pulse Australia. “Grains Australia is better resourced, funded and connected with government and industry and is able to leverage the weight of the full grains industry in delivering required outcomes for the pulse industry.

“Under the merger, I am confident that pulse industry leadership will not only continue, but that Grains Australia will more efficiently and effectively deliver core functions for the Australian grains industry.”

Terry Enright, chair of Grains Australia, noted the merger builds on Grains Australia’s efforts to deliver value for Australia grain growers.

“As a former pulse grower and former chair of the GRDC, I am acutely aware of the importance of this sector and the opportunities it holds for the future,” Enright said. “Grains Australia is well-positioned to lead the delivery of critical services and functions for the Australian grains industry into the future, with pulses playing a critical role in farming systems as well as pioneering export markets such as India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

“With investment support from the GRDC, Grains Australia is successfully delivering impact to the Australian grains industry and supporting its competitiveness and profitability.”