SHANGHAI, CHINA — YanGuFang International Group Co., Ltd. has partnered with the China Jilin Baicheng Academy of Agricultural Sciences (JBC) to establish the Collaborate Innovation Center for Whole Grain Seed Industry Technology.

Under terms of the agreement, JBC said it will contribute personnel with relevant technical expertise and its resources, which include germplasm technology, research capabilities and experimental fields. The company also said it will fund the expenses related to crop breeding development and commercialization.

JBC is the primary agricultural research institution in the semi-arid special ecological zone in western Jilin Province, China. It is involved in scientific research cooperation and technology exchange relationships with more than 20 countries, including Canada, the United States, Russia, Australia, Serbia, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Finland and Japan.

“We are excited to cooperate with JBC to establish the Center, which is expected to enhance breeding techniques and expedite the introduction of new and improved varieties of whole grain products to the market,” said Junguo He, chairman and chief executive officer of YanGuFang, which is a health food company primarily engaged in the production, research, development and sales of oat and grains products. “Over the years, we have conducted a series of technological research and development of seed sources from the seed breeding and planting stages. Looking ahead, we anticipate the Center to actively engage in innovative breeding and commercialization of special grain crops, such as oat, buckwheat, and winter rye, in order to develop more products that suit the needs of our customers.”