CENTO, ITALY — AXOR Srl, an Italian company specializing in pasta manufacturing technologies, has introduced a new logo, representing the next step for the brand.

The logo features a modern font and lines that reflect the company’s next level of evolution, AXOR said.

Alapala, a leader in grain processing technology, became a majority shareholder of AXOR in 2021. The acquisition has enabled AXOR to expand its capabilities, to have the opportunity to grow in global markets, as well as to provide integrated innovative solutions for the needs of its customers in the food processing industry.

“We are thrilled to introduce our new logo, which represents the next level of our brand,” said Görkem Alapala, chief executive officer of Alapala Group. “With this new brand identity, we aim to showcase our evolution, modernity, and ambitious plans for the future. This is the next step in our journey, and we’re excited to share it with our customers and stakeholders.”

 The minimalist design embodies the company’s new ambition and its commitment to continue growing in the market, AXOR said. Featuring the Italian flag with an aesthetic appearance emphasizes that AXOR is an Italian company with the highest level of production quality, technology, know-how, and engineering.

“At AXOR, we believe that it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and embrace change,” said Marco Mistroni, CEO of AXOR. “The new logo represents our propensity to change and our willingness to take bold steps to achieve our goals. We’re ambitious for the future and this new brand identity reflects that.”

AXOR is a leading company in the engineering, manufacturing, and installation of equipment for the production of dry pasta (short-cut pasta and long-cut pasta, special shaped pasta, couscous, instant pasta, quick cook pasta, Asiatic noodle, gluten-free pasta), pellet, and snacks.

The Cento, Italy-based company provides ‘’tailor-made’’ solutions, adapting the standard production lines to customers’ requirements and space at their facilities. Since the company was founded in 1990, more than 150 pasta lines and equipment were designed and installed all over the world.

AXOR offers complete turnkey pasta manufacturing line projects, including packaging systems, raw material filling systems, storage, erection, installation, and commissioning.