LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, US — The Italian Milling Industry Association (ITALMOPA) recently hosted nearly 50 Italian dignitaries and US food industry leaders at a dinner in Los Angeles to celebrate its Pure Flour from Europe program. Co-funded by the European Union, ITALMOPA’s program promotes the “superior quality, safety and versatility of Italian and European organic flour and semolina.”

“The European milling industry combines traditional skills with advanced technology and the highest safety standards,” said Andrea Valente, president of ITALMOPA. “Specifically, the Italian milling sector’s universally recognized excellence stems from centuries of experience and mastery that has produced the best grain selection. Today, the range of available flours is wider than ever, thanks to the miller’s ability to identify, select, mix and transform the best varieties of wheat to produce flours suitable for different uses.”

At the event attendees experienced the Italian organic flour and semolina during a cocktail reception and three-course tasting menu curated by Chef Celestino Drago. Tray-passed canapés featured Kamut wheat flour, courtesy of Molino Grassi, organic soft wheat flour, courtesy of Molino Casillo and semolina, courtesy of Molino De Vita. The seated dinner featured traditional Italian recipes and modern interpretations of classic dishes, such as pappa al pomodoro with organic semolina bread, cavatelli di semola alla carbonara and gnocchi alla romana.

Representing ITALMOPA, Manuela Barzan welcomed guests and presented the rich history of Italian’s milling industry as well as the modern innovations “that ensure EU flour leads the world in food safety and environmental sustainability.”

The newly appointed Consul General of Italy in Los Angeles, Raffaella Valentini, recognized Italy as one of the leading international producers of organic flour and semolina and encouraged the industry leaders, chefs, media and influencers to embrace EU flour for its value, ease of use and reliability.

The Pure Flour from Europe campaign, which began in 2022, will span three years and include other consumer and trade events. The next stop on the campaign will be at SIAL Canada, May 9-11, in Toronto. An educational tour of organic flour and semolina millers in Italy will be held during the second half of the year.