MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA — Wheat Exports Australia (WEA) released on Dec. 3 its fourth and final Report for Growers. The report contains a detailed analysis of the 2011-12 Australian wheat marketing year as well as information on the operation of the Wheat Export Accreditation Scheme.
The report is a record of what the Australian wheat industry has achieved in the fourth year since the bulk wheat export market was opened to competition, said Peter Woods, chief executive officer of WEA.
“It brings together key research into this dynamic industry to provide growers with a concise overview of what has occurred during the marketing year,” he said. “Of note is that in 2011-12, Australia exported a record 24.6 million tonnes of wheat, of which 22 million tonnes was in bulk.”
The report also shows that 19 accredited exporters shipped bulk wheat to 35 countries with the Asian region once again the major destination, headed by Indonesia, South Korea and China.
The top five bulk exporters accounted for 72% of Australia’s total bulk wheat exports in 2011-12 compared to 63% in 2010-11. In a trend reversal from previous years the number of exporters shipping 10% or more of Australia’s bulk exports has decreased from six in 2010-11 to four in 2011-12.
Other information contained in the report includes analysis of bulk wheat exports by Australian state, port of export and destination countries plus a center spread detailing the history of events concerning accredited bulk wheat exporters during the operation of the scheme.
“With the passage of the Wheat Export Marketing Amendment Bill 2012 on Nov. 29, this will be WEA’s final Report for Growers,” Woods said. “Under the bill, the scheme will be abolished on  Dec. 10. WEA’s offices will close on Dec. 21 and the organization will cease on Dec. 31.”
The report is available for download from WEA’s website,, and will be mailed to wheat growers and stakeholders later in December.