SENEGAL, AFRICA — Bruks Siwertell will supply a high-capacity grain handling ship unloader to Senegal Minergy Port SA for a new port development, Bargny-Sendou, near Dakar, Senegal, West Africa.

Senegal Minergy will undertake the development of the bulk facility. The contractor selected the dry bulk handling system based on unloading capacity, unloading efficiency and environmental impact.

About 90% of Senegal’s trade comes through its current Atlantic Ocean port, the Autonomous Port of Dakar. Growing import and export demands has outstripped the port's capacity, and Senegal needs to address this issue.

SMP is looking for the new port to improve environmental protection and act as a major hub for global trade, not only as a gateway to Senegal and its neighboring countries, but as a hub for the wider west Africa region.

Bargny-Sendou will have an initial capacity of 20 million tonnes and will handle 15 million tonnes of commodities in the first year of operation.