KHARTOUM, SUDAN — The DAL Group will purchase 280,000 tonnes of wheat with financing provided by the British International Investment (BII).

BII will invest $50 million in Invictus Trading, a subsidiary of Invictus Investment and a key partner handling the import activity for the DAL Group.

DAL Group, the largest wheat importer in the Sudan, will use the investment to supply staple food during times of uncertain global markets, supply chain disruptions and climate change contributing to challenges for food security in Sudan.

The Humanitarian Response Plan for 2023 estimates that up to a third of the Sudanese population — approximately 11.7 million people — will be food insecure in 2023.

DAL Group has an expansive point-of-sales network and distribution capabilities, enabling deliveries of essential food products across the country.

With the funding, the group will be able to import wheat and boost the supply of flour to thousands of bakeries, retail outlets and businesses, ensuring consistent flow of staple food products for millions of Sudanese.

“This investment is crucial to supporting sustainable food supply,” said Osama Daoud Abdellatif, chairman of DAL Group. “This investment by BII reiterates our decades long work in advancing the agenda of food safety for the people of Sudan to create a real and lasting positive impact in the communities we operate in.”