CALLAO, PERU — APM Terminals Callao, operator of the largest multipurpose terminal in Peru, has added a new electric Panamax ship-to-shore crane and two electric rubber-tired gantry (eRTG) cranes, speeding up container operations at the terminal, which also will see grain handling additions as part of its ongoing upgrades.

The new cranes were part of a $25 million investment for container operations, which account for around half of its total cargo throughput. The terminal currently operates five Super Post Panamax cranes, two Panamax cranes and 15 eRTGs.

In May 2011, APM Terminals Callao signed a 30-year concession contract with the Peruvian State to be the operator of the Multipurpose North Terminal of the Port of Callao. This was followed in November 2022 by an Addendum to the Concession Contract, committing to an investment of more than $1.2 billion. More than $500 million already has been invested to date.

As part of its ongoing investments, APM Terminals Callao plans to add two free-flow grain loaders and build a grain handling system with 12 silos and a capacity of 60,000 tonnes. 

“In future stages of our concession master plan, we have planned an increase in our fleet of terminal equipment and infrastructure to adequately meet the future demand of Peruvian foreign trade,” said Javier Vidal, head of operations at APM Terminals Callao.

The terminal has plans to acquire three additional ship-to-shore cranes, nine eRTGs and 24 additional terminal tractors, as well as general cargo equipment. In the final stage of the expansion, the terminal will incorporate an additional four ship-to-shore cranes, 12 eRTGs and 24 terminal tractors.

APM Terminals Callao is only investing in electric ship-to-shore cranes and RTGs. Investment in electric equipment and a move toward electricity from renewable sources will support APM Terminals’ commitment to reduce total greenhouse gas emissions by 70% from 2020-2030 and achieve net zero emissions by 2040.