JEDDAH, SAUDI ARABIA — Grain storage, milling technology and quality control filled three full days of discussions among experts at the International Association of Operative Millers (IAOM) Mideast & Africa Regional Forum 2023.

The forum enjoyed record attendance with 165 participants, 61 companies and organizations, and 18 countries represented Feb. 6-8 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, IAOM MEA said.

On the first day “Wheat Handling and Safe Grain Storage” was the focus. Presentations highlighted the essentials of grain storage as well as solutions for conserving grain while maintaining good quality. 

Grain storage experts emphasized that grain is a living organism that undergoes a biochemical process during storage. The main challenges are heat generation, condensation and pest control. Proper pre-cleaning is important, but appropriate aeration and storage management know-how is key for safe storage.

Milling technology and best milling practices were the topics covered on the second day. Understanding the design of a mill flow is a prerequisite for operating a milling plant. 

The “Key Milling Equipment and Operation” presentation offered insights on the best milling practices to achieve top efficiency. A common practice to keep the milling process in the best balance at all times is the break release as well as the sample table. Taking care of the sieves and the grinding rolls rounded out this topic.

The third day was dedicated to “Finished Product Handling and Quality Control.” Safety elements such as a control sifter, magnet and impact machines are a must in a modern flour handling plant. 

Additionally, the blending or mixing plant assures the consistency of the flour. The analysis of the quality, in particular the starch gelatinization and enzymatic activity, and gluten quantity and quality were explained. Solutions were discussed for flour correction with different additives in particular enzymes.

The 33rd IAOM MEA Conference & Expo 2023 will be in mid-November in Cairo, Egypt. Dates and venue will be announced in early March.