MISSOULA, MONTANA, US — Kamut International has launched new branding for Kamut wheat that includes a new website and a refreshed logo.

Kamut brand wheat, an ancient grain, is grown organically and a source of protein, fiber and vitamins as well as minerals such as selenium, according to Missoula-based Kamut International. It has a sweet, nutty-buttery taste.

The new logo depicts Kamut wheat while maintaining the earth tones to signify a connection to the soil. Visitors to the website may search through recipes, products, and health and research sections.

“As part of our commitment to provide healthy and nutritious food while improving the health of the environment, I am proud and excited to introduce our brand evolution with the unveiling of our new communication, new website and new logo,” said Trevor Blyth, president of Kamut International. “This is the time to help customers better understand the Kamut brand, everything that is guaranteed through it, and the importance of implementing healthier farming practices, such as regenerative organic, to combat climate change while helping communities and farmers prosper.”