MANHATTAN, KANSAS, U.S. — Seven individuals involved in the milling industry from four different countries traveled to Kansas State University (KSU) to attend the Bühler-KSU Executive Milling Spanish course.
The course was at the International Grains Program Conference Center from Dec. 10-14, and included participants from Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia and Puerto Rico.
Mill owners, directors and managers were in attendance and had the opportunity to learn about the different classes of wheat, the milling process and different milling techniques. The first half of the course was spent in the classroom with interactive presentations, while the second half was spent attending hands-on workshops in the Hal Ross Flour Mill.
The course was led by Ralph Linnemann, a milling expert from the Bühler Training Center in Uzwil, Switzerland, and John Steinfort, Bühler adjunct instructor for the KSU Department of Grain Science and Industry. 
In describing the course, Steinfort said, “The course is designed to educate milling executives and non-operation managers on all aspects of the milling process, which will help them to make better business and managerial decisions on a daily basis.”
Along with teaching the different classes of wheat, Linnemann also taught topics including design and functions of the specific steps during the milling process, the purpose of sifting and cleaning the wheat, and the importance of flour quality.
Several participants shared their appreciation for the expertise that Linnemann and Steinfort brought to the table. They agreed that they now have a better understanding of the industry as a whole.
After learning the basics in the classroom the seven participants headed to the Hal Ross Flour Mill to apply the principles in the laboratory. These trainings allowed participants to learn about purifiers, milling machinery, proper cleaning procedures and the milling process.