INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA, US — Indiana-based agriculture and energy cooperative Co-Alliance Cooperative, Inc., and Signature Farms, LP have created Legacy Feed, LLC, a new feed manufacturing and swine management company that will deliver an integrated swine production service to farm families in eastern Indiana.

Legacy Feed will build a new feed mill in Millville, Indiana, US. The facility will have 1.5 million bushels of grain storage and the capacity to produce 300,000 tons of pelleted hog feed annually. Legacy Feeds will combine this feed production with swine management services to assist local farm families in producing pork products, said Kevin Still, president and chief executive officer of Co-Alliance Cooperative.

“Legacy Feed brings together two strong businesses with a successful history in swine production,” Still said. “This new business will allow Co-Alliance to provide a more diversified offering in our eastern geography. I anticipate this strong combination will provide synergies and help us create more value in the swine production space.”

Eric Freeman, operations manager of Signature Farms, added: “Combining Signature Farms’ strong legacy of swine management services with Co-Alliance’s proven success record in swine feed manufacturing will allow our teams to provide a leading swine production company in which our customers and employees thrive and provide opportunity for growth.”

Legacy Feed will be headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. Co-Alliance Cooperative, which is one of the largest agribusiness and energy marketing and supply cooperatives in the midwestern United States, moved its corporate headquarters to Indianapolis last year.