PARIS, FRANCE — Insect protein producer Ynsect plans to construct a large-scale farm project within the United States beginning in late 2023. In addition to the expansion, Ynsect is exploring potential flour and ingredient synergies with Ardent Mills.

The new facility will expand the company’s sustainable, carbon-negative production capabilities that convert Molitor and Buffalo mealworms into fertilizer for plants, oils for consumption by pets and livestock, and protein for humans.

“Mealworm protein is the only one in the world available on the market that can combine not only performance and health, but also natural origin and sustainability,” said Antoine Hubert, chief executive officer of Ynsect. “Insect protein is more sustainable and will open a new mode of food development that is efficient, nutritious and capable of positively impacting the food chain at multiple points.”

Ynsect’s project marks the company’s second US facility, following the opening of its Nebraska site in March 2022, and its fifth globally, with two locations in France and another in The Netherlands.

The site initially will focus on the production of the company’s pet food protein concentrate, which was filed for Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) approval in November 2021.

In addition to the expansion, Ynsect plans to work with Denver, Colorado, US-based Ardent Mills to explore potential flour and ingredient synergies.

“We see many synergies with Ynsect — as we both strive to transform the way the world is nourished,” said Angie Goldberg, chief growth officer for Ardent Mills. “We are excited to be exploring potential sustainable food and ingredient opportunities with Ynsect, a company that has developed a unique expertise in insect-based ingredient production.''

This collaboration is the second partnership between insect protein makers and US manufacturers, with ADM aiding in the construction ofInnovaFeed’s new facilityin Decatur, Illinois, US.